CAT3 Scoring Service

Educational evaluation and testing services for Irish schools

CAT3 Scoring Service, Overprinting and Reports

The CAT3 Scoring, Overprinting and Analysis Service relieves teachers of the clerical burden associated with testing and delivers fast, accurate results. We can overprint pupil data on answer sheets, mark, manage and interpret your data and deliver test results quickly. All results will be returned in electronic format and may be uploaded directly into your school's management information system.












Reports available

- Standard Report (Included in price of Scoring Service)
- Summary of sub-test results (Additional Cost)
- Individual Pupil Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses (Additional Cost)
- Summary of results by merit (Additional Cost)
- Summary of results by gender (Additional Cost)


Click below to download exemplar reports.

CAT3 Standard Report

CAT 3 Sub-test Report

CAT3 Cognitive Strengths
and Weaknesses


Scoring Benefits

Saves hours of marking time and effort.

It enables quick feedback which motivates students.

Data can be customised thus ensuring CAT delivers relevant information to you.

Flexible formats mean that scoring data is easily shared, interrogated and systematised.

Results can be returned within 10 working days.