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A digital version of the most widely used test of reasoning abilities.

The Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition Digital (CAT4 Digital) is the innovative online version of the Ireland’s most widely used test of reasoning abilities. Offering the same validity and robustness as its paper-based equivalent, CAT4 Digital gives teachers and pupils faster results, a more motivating test experience and greater flexibility in administering the tests. With Irish norms for students between 10 years and 6 months to 17+ years, CAT4 Digital can be administered individually or as a group test.


CAT4 Digital demo

Click here to watch our CAT4 Digital demo to see how the assessment is seen from the eyes of the pupil. Our demo contains the directions that the pupil will see and some sample questions (for demonstration purposes only) to help you see how the pupil will answer each section of the assessment.



How can I purchase CAT4 Digital?

This product is for use in schools only and can only be purchased by schools.  Parents and home users cannot buy this product.


To purchase CAT4 Digital or discuss your individual requirements contact Rebecca Garven at 087-9761265 or by email

Why use CAT4 Digital?


• CAT4 Digital removes the burden of test administration, as all practice, instructions and timings are computer-administered.

• Instant scoring gives teachers results at the touch of a button

• Accurate and reliable reports are delivered straight to a teacher's desktop, enabling results to be analysed with ease and integrated with other school information, better informing target-setting at both individual and group level.

• Computer-based assessment often feels less daunting for pupils and fast feedback is proven to be more motivating.

• Schools moving from paper to digital assessments can be assured of full continuity of data.