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Sample Reports

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) is the most widely used test of reasoning, offering a wealth of accurate, reliable and objective assessment data that is essential to the shaping of an individual's learning. CAT scores can be bought to life through a wide variety of diagnostic reports, enabling teachers, SENCOs and other educational professionals to build a comprehensive picture of a pupil and his/her learning needs. The following enhanced reports are available through CAT Digital, or as part of our CAT Scoring & Reporting Service:

- Listing of results for all pupils
- Group mean scores analysis
- Individual pupil profiles
- Group Demographic Comparison
- Summary of results by merit
- Summary of results by gender
- Summary of subtest results
- Cognitive strengths and weaknesses profile

Click below to download the relevant CAT Sample Reports booklets and view all of the above reports.


CAT Primary Sample Report

CAT Secondary Sample Report



CAT3 Benefits

Identifies pupils’ strengths, needs and learning preferences

Standardised scores allow you to compare your pupils’ results

Informs target-setting and the development of individual learning plans

A sound basis for year-on-year comparisons

Tests various reasoning abilities - numerical, non-verbal and verbal reasoning

In time will provide indicators of outcomes for the Junior Certificate Examination.