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    About EdEv

    EdEv is a Dublin City University campus company providing educational evaluation and testing services to Irish schools. Since 2007 EdEv has been working with GL Assessment to standardise the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4 and CAT3) on representative samples of Irish primary and secondary school students.

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    Cognitive ability testing

    In our experience, helping your students to realise their potential begins with
    an understanding of how they think. Because how your students think affects
    how they learn.

    Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition (CAT4) provides the
    perfect tool for identifying students’ developed abilities and likely academic
    potential. It highlights how they think as well as their strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences.

    Fully standardised, CAT4 enables schools to carry out a seamless assessment of ability throughout secondary school.

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    Why use CAT Digital?

    CAT Digital removes the burden of test administration, as all practice, instructions and timings are computer-administered. Instant scoring gives teachers results at the touch of a button, saving hours of marking time. Its accurate and reliable diagnostic reports are delivered straight to a teacher's desktop, enabling results to be analysed with ease and integrated with other school information, better informing target-setting at both individual and group level. Also, computer-based assessment often feels less daunting for pupils and fast feedback is proven to be more motivating.


Why should you consider CAT4?


• Helps pinpoint gifted and talented students and underachievers
• Supports schools in monitoring progress and setting targets for future attainment
• Identifies spatial thinkers who are likely to excel in STEM subjects
• Supports communication with parents and students.

CAT 4 measures four areas of reasoning


• Quantitative
• Verbal
• Non-verbal and
• Spatial, a skill important for success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and an ability that is not measured by any other reasoning test for schools. more>>